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Feria Virtual

About Us

We are the first United Nations virtual learning platform and specialize in four academic areas: Human Development (HD), Democratic Governance (DG), Crisis Prevention and Early Recovery (CPR) and Information Technologies and Communication (ITC).

The Virtual School was launched for the UNDP Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean and we are now offering our services in other regions and agencies of the United Nations System.

In the Virtual School:

  • We have the capacity to “translate” and “transfer” the knowledge generated by UN into practical training programs.
  • We represent UN capacity building given that their professors and teachers are UN staff and experts.
  • We train UN staff as well as their partners and counterparts.
  • We use methodology that has been identified to be cost-effective and valued academically.
  • We are continually inserting evolving and improving how to use ICT to support different training initiatives.
  • We have the capacity to offer training initiatives in different languages.
  • We offer different e-learning experiences specialized according to the target audience
  • We have the capacity to define with UN Country Offices their training needs. Analyses UN projects and programs to make a proposal on the best learning and training initiative for each one taking into account the participants needs, different e-learning methodologies and the projects goals.