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Ingreso a la Feria Virtual

Feria Virtual

Become a friend of the Virtual School

We invite you to be a friend of the Virtual School. If you are part of a business, foundation or institution, you can  collaborate with the Virtual School to help improve the educational situation through the following ways;

  • Financing an initiative: You can support the fund of sponsorships to help training base leaders
  • Participating in a joint training project: You can fund the design of a training program or participate
  • Support our Research facility: you can contribute in linking Information and Technology Communications – education - development

The Virtual School can help support you in:


  • The quality of your training processes using technology
  • The design and implementation od Corporate Social Responsibility (CPR) strategies


To become a friend of the Virtual School register here

To see our work in Latin America
To understand more about our students

For further information, contact us via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.